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Sun: 12pm - 5pm
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Strega Rose Tattoo Arts is a private studio rooted in North Babylon, Long Island in 2021. Our private studio space provides a comfortable atmosphere and experience for our clients.


We operate as appointment only, which gives each artist full attention on each client that enters our shop. Our goal is to ensure all feel welcome and safe in our space. Our artists have years of expertise and will ensure that you will leave here with a beautiful piece of artwork that will last a lifetime. Our artists offer an array of services.


To find out more, please take a look around our site and/or contact our artists below.

Each artist is responsible for their own appointments. For consultations, appointments, and rates, please contact your artist directly. 


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"I have been going exclusively to Shane for my tattoos on and off for the last 10+ years, and this was my first session at his new shop, a continuation of a sleeve he has been working on for me. I arrived at the shop where Shane was expecting me with the paperwork to fill out already waiting. Once done, I got a chance to take a look around the shop while he set up, and was amazed not only at how gorgeously the shop was decorated, but how immaculate it was. Everything was clean, bright, and spacious. Once the session started, Shane was a perfect gentleman; ensuring I was comfortable at all times and that I was okay with the music that was playing. I cannot imagine recommending anyone else, whether it is for a first tattoo experience, or an addition to a growing art collection. I am constantly blown away by the quality of Shane's artwork, and his progression through the years is evident in his work."


"Shane is one of the best tattoo artists out there. I have been tattooed by him ever since my first tattoo at 18 years old. He is kind and patient. He takes ideas you have and bring them to life in a way you never knew they could look. Shane is incredibly creative and has his own style to basic ideas which is so unique. He is extremely detail oriented and takes his time into making your tattoo as perfect as it can be. He is also very knowledgeable in what placement your tattoo should go and how big it should be. Shane is very professional and looks out for his clients best interests."


"Tonight I had a medium reading with Shane and it was a truly incredible experience. Through Shane I was able to connect with multiple members of my family who have passed I cannot thank him enough for the wonderful gift he has given me."


I've been seeing him for all my tattoos or over 10 years now. Every visit is followed by, "Oooo this is my new favorite!" He listens to everything you have to say, and creates exactly what you were thinking. The studio is gorgeous, very clean, and makes you feel very comfortable. The CBD after care is a game changer. LOOK NO FURTHER!!! SHANE IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!


777 Deer Park Ave
North Babylon, Suffolk County 11703